Ebook for Kindle – The Narky Nazarene

This ebook is available on Amazon Kindle – click here to get your copy now.


The Narky Nazarene is a series of short provocations, pictures and parables designed to get you thinking and scheming. Coming at topics like Jesus, discipleship, leadership and church from a different angle.

It represents the best of our writing and illustrations from the last three years on Brimming Over and Digging In – so I think you’ll like it.

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Free Ebook – Unintended Consequences

It’s here. Absolutely free. No suggested donation, no email registration, nada, zip, diddly squat.

Simply click on the blue writing below, wait a few seconds, and there you have it. If you then want to save it on to your computer – do a right click on the book and save as, and it really is all yours…

Take some time and be stirred!

CLICK HERE – Unintended Consequences


Also available in the following formats to make it even easier to access and share:

The black and white version – which you can print off.  Unintended Consequences – Print Version.  Totally free (but don’t send us the receipt for the ink).

Follow this link – Unintended Consequences – Kindle – to purchase this book on Kindle.

ps – Don’t forget – if you benefited from Unintended Consequences, our next title – The Narky Nazarene is now available at amazon.

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